Amphastar  Nanjing

Multifunctional Workshop II

It is amulti-functional workshop with the ability to produce a variety of products. Atpresent, the main products produced are isoproterenol, protamine sulfate,salbutamol, xinaproxam and other APIs. The annual production capacity of eachproduct can reach 30kg / year . 4 The workshop equipment is dedicated tovarieties, and the equipment has fixed and movable types, which can meet theability of multi-product rotation production. 4 The total area of the workshopis about 300 square meters, of which the area of the clean area is about 150square meters.

  • The controllednon-clean zone reaction kettle is made of glass-lined or SUS316L and hasfunctions such as stirring, heating, cooling, reflux, and concentration.


  • High pressurechromatography system is specially designed for Huperzine A API which needschromatographic separation in Workshop 4. It is applied to the separation ofenantiomers and can obtain optically pure single configuration. Thecharacteristics of complicated preparation process are one of the focuses ofnew drug development.